About us

In Zagreb, the economic, cultural, administrative, industrial and academic centre of Croatia, we are fully aware of the importance of being represented in Brussels, the centre and the source of information on emerging trends and crafted policies. We believe that the European Union is successful and functional when citizens are informed and involved in EU affairs, and when they feel that their needs are properly addressed by European institutions.

The additional motive is that national and local interests and policies, although complementary, are not necessarily identical. Cities and regions must voice what are their objectives and concerns and act toward the European institutions.

The process of European decision-making tailored to the local needs and life in cities and regions demonstrates the vivacity and strength of Europe. Europeans trade with each other, meet, exchange experience and practice, consult and connect in a manner that has become natural and self-explanatory.  All major shifts, challenges, crisis in Europe are happening to the real people, who live in their local communites. However, the solutions are also to be found at the local level where cities, in particular capitals, play a pivotal role. This is why it is instrumental that the voice of the capital cities is heard in Brussels.

Finding solutions to challenges while working and living is also true for Zagreb, and during the Croatian presidency of the EU, we will try to show to our friends in Brussels what we do.

There are 226 representative offices of regions and cities registered in Brussels at the moment, including that of the City of Zagreb.

 Although frequently partnering with each other, representations have different goals and serve different purposes.

The objective of our office is to inform the City of Zagreb administration about the work of European institutions, to establish and maintain co-operation with other cities and regions and their representations in Brussels, as well as to partner with regional and international organizations, and with the EU institutions and bodies. 

The  Representative Office  is also promoting the City of Zagreb by networking among Brussels major stakeholders.

The Head of the Office is Ms. Ines Sabalic, one of the leading Croatian experts in the EU affairs. She is the author of numerous analysis and commentaries and has a thorough knowledge of the intricacies of European decision-making.

The Representative Office is also open for assistance and co-operation to all bodies of the City Administration and the Zagreb Holding, as well as to economic entities, to which gladly provide all needed advice or assistance.

The Representative Office of the City of Zagreb in Brussels is located at 6, Avenue des Arts, at 15-20 minutes walking distance from the European Commission, and historic centre. The underground and bus line stops are at the fingertips.The Representative Office is situated inthe co-wor king space, shared by leading players in the European industry and administration.