The Major Bandic: on Corona and Earthquake and thanking the fellow citizens on sharing the burden

“Zagreb may be only city in the world with two disasters hitting it at the same time: Covid-19 and a devastating earthquake. Economic and psychological impact on Zagreb citizens are yet to be seen“. With these words Zagreb mayor Milan Bandić has addresed his fellow citizens thanking them for sharing the burden of a pandemic and earthquake and the media that conveyed timely and accurate information. Officials of the Zagreb Office for Emergencies and Civil Defense were on the sites worst hit by the earthquake almost immediately after and more than 150 soldiers have been deployed to help clear the rubble and secure the sites.


He also stressed that, since the epidemic outbreak and earthquake, no vital city function has been jeopardized. “City of Zagreb website provides all essential information about Covid-19 and earthquake, citizens are regularly being informed and we shall continue to do so for the duration of the situation. The city continues to function and this is proof that we keep things under control in extremely difficult conditions. To win this match, we need a lot of strength, patience, solidarity and unity," the mayor said.


The head of the City Health Office, Vjekoslav Jeleč, emphasized that 137 patients passed through special dispensaries of Zagreb health centers on Sunday, March the 5th, 18 were isolated, while five were referred for Covid-19 testing. He noted that Drive-in Testing, in addition to the Teaching Institution, is now being performed in the Health Center West in the Prilaz Baruna Filipovica and that 17 patients were tested, one of which was positive.


The director of the Institute for Emergency Medicine of the City of Zagreb, Žarko Rašić, said that since the outbreak of the pandemic in Zagreb, the Institute has performed 5 382 emergency medical interventions and 8 452 medical transports. "We are successfully fighting the pandemic and so far we have had a total of 638 medical aid transports related to Covid-19". Since the March 22nd earthquake, firefighters in Zagreb have made a total of 2 733 emergency interventions. There are 46 fire trucks on the ground today, and this year we have also intervened in 56 fires, said City of Zagreb Fire Department commander Siniša Jembrih.


"The imposed measure of self-isolation has been violated by 224 persons, and in 21 cases a violation of the restriction of the catering facilities has been found. Eighty four police officers were in self-isolation, 39 out of self-isolation, while eight were positive for Covid-19" said Zagreb Police Chief Marko Rašić.


"Immediately after the earthquake The City of Zagreb Gas Station issued a notice to citizens that if they smell gas or notice damage to the building, they should preventively shut off gas at the main valves, which many citizens did. As a distribution system operator, we are legally responsible for the safe distribution of gas. All post-earthquake procedures are completely free of charge and in accordance with legal obligations" said City of Zagreb Gas Director Tomislav Mazal.


Asked about the reconnecting gas to the earthquake-damaged facilities, he said that without a structural engineers' assessment that the gas installation hasn't been endangered, without inspection of the gas installation and without a positive assessment by the chimney sweepers that the chimneys were technically correct, Zagreb City Gasworkers should not, under their own responsibility, release gas into the system. We want to inform the citizens that, although they may look right, there is always the possibility of internal chimney collapse and possible carbon monoxide poisoning".